Wire Harness
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PVC Wire Harness

Wire Harness Series Tape

We offer a wide range of wire harness tape solutions with high-quality adhesives to securely bundle harnesses and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Our wire harness tapes also meet several different standards, such as: Low VOC, RoHS, VOC free.

∙ Soft, flexible, and good workability.
∙ Anti-vibration, Noise-reduction, Halogen free.
∙ Great unwinding force and hand tearable.
∙ Good resistance to temperature, humidity, and organic solvent.
∙ Environmentally-friendly water based adhesive.
∙ Flame retardant, Cold resistant.
∙ No flagging after bundling.

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Suitable for applications on electrical wiring system and electrical insulation.

Our Wire Harness Series :
∙ PVC Non-adhesive Tape
∙ PVC Electrical Tape
∙ PVC Wire Harness Tape
∙ PET Fleece Wire Harness Tape
∙ PET Cloth Wire Harness Tape
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